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"Once born, aliens have no special abilities above normal sims (they don't learn faster or excel at anything in particular any more than normal sims)" -- I was wondering if this is a known fact confirmed by Maxis? To me, it seems that they do tend to be slightly more knowledge oriented than normal knowledge sims. Not completely sure, as it's hard to make hard statistics about subtle differences here, but is there any firm info about this? Bantaar 09:23, 9 March 2008 (CDT)

Alien Baby Genetics

"The abductee will give birth to a green baby with huge tilted black eyes and a tiny nose after the standard three days" That statement isn't true. If you save the game before your sim gives birth, you can keep exiting out of the lot until you get an alien infant with a normal sized nose, mouth eyes and/or ears. If you really have a lot of time to spare, you can keep exiting out of the lot and reentering it, and after ten or fifteen tries, you can get an alien baby that has its father's normal eyes. The first time this happened I had an alien with light blue eyes. Its very odd looking and very uncommon, but it can be done without cheats. -Moonbeam_Gardener

Default Pollination Technicians.

Some players of the Sims 2 have noted that they find the original, Maxis (or "EAxis" or "EA") alien to give more than interesting genetics - the Default PT features large eyes and no nose. For this reason, you may find that in someone else's game (for instance in a Legacy, or even in general discussion) their Alien Spogglets have nice little bumpy noses and cute - normal looking - eyes. This is due to what is known as a "Default PT hack", and there are many about the community to choose from. Alternatively, there are other forms of Default PT hacks, which do more than replace the original Maxis version. These are "Multiple PT hacks" and allow the use of up to Four different simDNA to impregnate your poor sim who got abducted. Some sim story writers have included this idea of Four PTs into their stories - most notably is Strange_Tomato with her story "Stangetown, here we come." The main appeal of using a Multiple-PT hack is that you have more variation in Genetics, favored among Legacy players and writers, and also for general players alike. Some of the fun of having such a hack is you never know who the "Father" is until you see their genetics unfold. Adding another side to Alien Abductions. - Petchy


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