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NOTE to the experts of game corruption!

I was reading the article, and wanted to expand it to provide reasons why doing these actions are VBT. If any information is wrong, please correct it. This was just a starting point in providing a comprehensive article. -d_dgjdhh

Should the following corruption event(s) be listed?

1. Put tombstones or urns on any of the Open for Business display cabinets or shelves
This effects unpatched Family Fun Stuff versions of The Sims 2 game. In an unpatched version of the game, when a tombstone or urn is set on an OFB shelf, it will be duplicated. Patched versions & later are not effected by this issue.

If the issue has been patched, then it shouldn't be listed as such, right? We shouldn't be listing all the corruption occurrences that occur from unpatched games, since EA addressed it. Maybe more research should be placed upon this claim, in regards to whether it continues after patching Family Fun Stuff? The following are the posts related to the claim, and its "counter-point", so to speak:

Counter: A user using the fully Ultimate collection from Origin (which comes with all patches pre-installed) had the duplicating-urns-on-OFB-shelves problem, so obviously this is a potential form of corruption in supposedly "safe" game setups.
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