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Hair Gallery Sections:

Female Hair:
Miscellaneous Creators | CoolSims | Fabulousims | Kavar | Lidiqnata | Nouk | Newsea | Peggy | Raonsims | Rose | Sussi | Trapping | XM Sims

Male Hair:
Miscellaneous Creators | Kavar | Newsea | Nouk | Peggy | Raonsims | Ren | Rose | Trapping | XM Sims

What is the Hair Gallery?

The Hair Gallery is a simple list of new hair meshes (or recolours of Maxis hairs that look like drastically different styles) available for The Sims 2. It is divided by gender for easy browsing, then by creator, with major creators (i.e. more than 10 styles for a particular gender) having their own pages. Pay styles are marked as such.


Female Hair

Male Hair

What is it for?

The Hair Gallery is meant to serve a number of purposes:

  • As a quick reference for MTS2 moderators in doing the upload queue, so we can check if a hair is pay or free.
  • As a quick reference for MTS2 uploaders, so they can check if a hair they want to use in screenshots is pay or free.
  • As a catalog of free hair for MTS2 uploaders, so they can find plenty of nice free hair to use in their screenshots.
  • As a catalog of hairstyles for downloaders, so they can find new hairstyles for their games.
  • As a reference guide for the WCIF area at S2C, so people can find hairstyles without having to ask.

Who runs the hair gallery?

The Hair Gallery was created by HystericalParoxysm and is maintained by her and other MTS2 moderators. Pages are locked to prevent tampering.

Is this updated?

Every effort will be made to keep the Hair Gallery updated with new styles as they are released. If you see new styles that are not listed or you know of a site with hairstyles that we do not have listed, please provide a link on this page's talk/discussion page. We are aware that there are several sites and creators who are not listed. The Hair Gallery is under development at this time, so not all creators we would like to have included are listed. Again, please provide links on the Talk page if there's someone missing you think should be included.

Update Log

  • 05 Oct 12 - Updated Peggy, Newsea, Lidiqnata.
  • 25 Jul 09 - Updated Peggy, Rose, XMsims to this date.
  • 18 Mar 09 - Updated Nouk, Rose, Raon, Peggy, and XMSims; added Fabulousims and Newsea.
  • 03 Jan 09 - Added Raon and Rose up to this date.
  • 18 Dec 08 - Added Peggy hairs up to this date.
  • 13 Dec 08 - Added CoolSims section and 18 hairs to the Female hair section.
  • 12 Dec 08 - Added 7 female and 5 male Dedital Sheep hairs.
  • 07 Jul 08 - Added 3 male SAU hairs, 4 Nouk hairs, and 9 female XM Sims hairs.
  • 12 Apr 08 - Added 7 female and 13 male hairs by XM Sims. Also updated Rose, SAU, and Raon. Colour coded the pay and free rows so one can easily see what's pay and free now that you can't view just free.
  • 11 Apr 08 - Split pages by creator for easier browsability. Added female hairs by Ren, Sizz's hairs, and Adele's hairs, 6 female and 2 male hairs by Nouk.
  • 03 Aug 07 - Added Seomi's hairs, plus 1 free female hair and 1 pay male hair by Raon.
  • 02 Aug 07 - Added Beoxbosboy, Kavar, and Minanna's hairs.
  • 01 Aug 07 - Added Sussi's free hairs, Ren's hairs, 2 pay hairs by Peggy and a free hair by XM Sims. Also added back the jump-to-creator navigation on each page.
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