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When one of the following primitives:-

reference a specific animation string set, the choices are any of the String Resources that represent animations. Instance number 0x00000081 is the most commonly-used STR#. It contains all the names of the ANIMs that adults can perform relative to the object. At runtime, sims 2 looks for this STR# in the same group as the calling object; if not found there, it "falls back" and looks in the object's semi-globals.

STR# instances 0x82 (ChildAnims), 0x89 (ToddlerAnims), 0x8A (TeenAnims), 0x8B (ElderAnims) and 0x91 (Baby) all work exactly the same way, and one needs to exist for every age group that can use the object. Instance number 0x84 accesses the Locomotion Anims file. Selecting either adult anims (0x81) or global anims (0x80) will cause the game to select the animation from the text list necessary for the age group of the performing sim.

Note: There doesn't need to be a separate call to Animate Sim for every age group. Animate Sim will find the appropriate STR# file for the age of the sim it applies to. If a STR# file does not exist for teens, young adults or elders, the adult animation may be played in its place.

Any other instance number (including 00), if not found in the group, falls back to the semi-globals, and looks in the ObjectAnims STR# 86. Obviously, object animations cannot apply to sims unless they share a common bone structure, and Animate Sim will throw an error and immediately stop whatever the sim was doing.

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