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J.M. Pescado is rather infamous in the Sims 2 community, first and foremost for his game mods and hacks on his site, More Awesome Than You!. MATY is a "lawless" community with very little moderating, and members are encouraged to poke others with sticks. This works well with Pescado's sarcastic and mean personality, and personal administrative approach of "Don't Shoot the Puppy".

He's also a very outspoken opponent of paysites; to that end, he founded Paysites Must Be Destroyed (popularly known as PMBD and 'The Booty'), a no-frills directory-style cache of pay and donation files all taken from various sites across the community, as well as the accompanying forum which gathers "pirates" from all over the community to talk about paysites and the various goings-on in the community.

Recently, when Walt purchased the InSimenator sites, Pescado copied both sites in their entirety, and after being turned down by Walt for his offer/demand on the server and domains, posted both forums and content on his own server, bringing the staff and creators with him.

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