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Skye has been an active online builder/creator of The Sims 2since the Fall of 2004. She is a popular builder on The Sims2 Site and has an active forum and website at SterlingSims2.

In the Fall of 2005 she was contacted by EA to be a part of the very first TV campaign for The Sims 2. She created and starred in her own commercial for the campaign which was chosen to be aired internationally. The commercial can be seen at SimsPlayedBy. She goes by the name of SterlingDT on the official Sims2 Exchange. EA recently featured her site in its news section at in celebration of the SIMposium's 2nd year anniversary.

Her forum, The SIMposium, is an active hangout for a large number of the top Sims2 builders and other creators. In March of 2007, she established a 2nd forum, The Creator's Forum, which is a popular upload forum for Sims2 Community artists to share their Sims2 creations. Both forums can be found at

In real life., Skye is a professional choreographer/dancer/artistic director of her own dance studio in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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