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Hair Databases

Female Hair

Male hair

What is it for?

The Hair Gallery is meant to serve a number of purposes:

  • As a quick reference for MTS moderators in doing the upload queue, so we can check if a hair is pay or free.
  • As a quick reference for MTS uploaders, so they can check if a hair they want to use in screenshots is pay or free.
  • As a catalog of free hair for MTS uploaders, so they can find plenty of nice free hair to use in their screenshots.
  • As a catalog of hairstyles for downloaders, so they can find new hairstyles for their games.
  • As a reference guide for the WCIF area, so people can find hairstyles without having to ask.

Who runs the hair gallery?

The idea for the Hair Gallery was first stated by HystericalParoxysm and is maintained by her, QBUILDERZ and daluved1, along with other MTS moderators and helpers. Pages are locked to prevent tampering.

Is this updated?

Every effort will be made to keep the Hair Gallery updated with new styles as they are released. If you see new styles that are not listed or you know of a site with hairstyles that we do not have listed, please provide a link on this page's talk/discussion page. We are aware that there are several sites and creators who are not listed. The Hair Gallery is under development at this time, so not all creators we would like to have included are listed, especially since it is fairly early in the hair creation area of many sites. Again, please provide links on the Talk page if there's someone missing you think should be included.

Update Log

  • Friday 31th January, 2013 - Added the Sims Hairs database
  • Saturday 12th February, 2011 - Added Cool Sims, Man -V-, Lapiz Lazuli, Reis, aWT, [email protected], IN3S, rockermonkey; updated Kiara24, sims_reality, XM Sims
  • Friday 22nd October, 2010 - Added to female Misc: Kewai-Dou, LaLunaRossa, Lilisims, Lit, Shymoo (pics can be wrangled using view background image in Firefox, despite Shymoo's remarkable site design), Stylist Sims. Updated: Aikea Guinea.
  • Tuesday 19th October, 2010 - Moved MBB female hairs to their own section, updated all female Misc creators and added Tantra and Infusorian (how did we miss that?) to Misc.
  • Thursday 2nd September, 2010 - Updated all hairs with the exception of: Peggy, Savio and Misc Creators. Lost energy...Can't. Focus.
  • Tuesday 12th May, 2010 - Updated all creators, added TumTum Simiolina and Parsimonious.
  • Tuesday 4th May, 2010 - Updated all creators, moved *cazy* to her own section, added MT Cakestore to Male/Misc.
  • Thursday 25th March, 2010 - Updated Peggy and Rose.
  • Wednesday 24th March, 2010 - Added tyirannoss, Wojtek0, EsmeraldaF, Kiara24, necrodog, Lunararc, v-ware, Aikea Guinea, *cazy*, SkeletalScreams and Moirae. Added sections for Anubis360 and Savio. Updated Amadeo and Oepu. Corrected spelling of RaonJena. Ran out of steam. Fell over. Went to sleep.
  • Sunday January 17, 2010 - Updated all hairs: Peggy, Newsea, Rose and XM. Added RoanJena section.
  • Thursday December 31, 2009 - Updated Newsea hairs
  • Sunday December 27, 2009 - Updated all hair Peggy hairs (pay and donate) up to this date. Updated Newsea hairs and moved them to their own page. Added new Rose Sims section. Happy New Year!
  • Tuesday December 22, 2009 - Added Anubis360 under misc. Updated all Peggy and XM hairs (except Peggy pay female hairs past Sept 22, 2009).
  • Saturday August 29, 2009 - Added XM Sims as a separate creator and Newsea into the misc. sections for male AND female
  • Monday August 17, 2009 - Created TS3 Hair gallery
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