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This thread is for the Neighborhood shader comparisons between different versions based on the base game and EPs. Please keep this thread and only edit for the latest version based on EP. Preview-check before save.

How to use? The version was first saved from TS2 the base game one up to the Seasons one, and the versions are listed as summaries. Just choose the desired versions at the "history" tab after loading the "article" tab page for comparison. (coz there are histories for both the article and talk.)

Individual version can be found from the summaries in the history page.

EP0 =/= EP1 =/= EP2 =/= EP3 == EP4 =/= EP5 =/= EP6 == EP7 == Story-Castaway == EP8 == MG

"==" means identical/equivalent; "=/=" means not identical/equivalent "EP0" means the base game TS2 version, and the rests are self-explanatory.

EP0 VS EP1: + ffDepthOffset + DormLotHighlight Material

EP1 VS EP2: + lotskirtsea definitions + imposter checks for the in-lot view + tsIsInNeighborhood flag

EP2 VS EP3: + isImposter checks to 10X neighbourhood lighting map for the in-lot view

EP3&4 VS EP5/; + kWeatherLight + Neighbourhood snow definitions

EP5 VS EP6: Seemingly, + an altered version of pool reflection for the lotskirt sea reflection and related attributes. But how come the lotskirt definition is dumped into the neighbourhood shader instead of the lotskirt shader itself?

click here, and choose the two versions of the same shader for comparisons or shader comprehension.


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