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Currently, there are 2 major ways to make what is called roof in TS2. TS2 roofs can mean roof tool roofs and/or floor-tiles.
The former has graphical presentation for the underside while the latter is by default disabled to have. Yet, modders are still looking for ways to have "ceilings" for floor-tile-based roofs in TS2. There are 2 major approaches to archive that goal.

  1. Object-based ceiling: Visible Ceiling Tiles Version 3.0 (by jgwhiteus @ MTS2)
  2. Modified floor-tiles: Modding - Floor Tile: Settings for 2-sided/doubly-sided (by niol @ MTS2)

The 1st approach can have the ceiling lit like how objects are lit in-game. However, the ceiling cannot be curved unless curved meshes are made for this purpose.
The 2nd approach cannot be lit up properly like objects or floors. The lighting problem has yet to be solved just like the transparent tiles because they both are based on the same strategy. Yet, these floor tiles can be shaped like normal floor tiles easily.
For different or similar purposes, these different ways have enriched the ways of how TS2 users can build.


roof tool based

<ncl>Category:Build Mode - Roofing - roof tool based roofs - Tutorials</ncl>

Porch roofs

(Ralphaelninja @ MTS2 / SimMasterRalph @ Exchange)

<ncl>Category:Build Mode - Roofing - Porch roofs - Tutorials</ncl>

bp-cfe based floor-tiled roofs

<ncl>Category:Build Mode - Roofing - bp-cfe based roofs - Tutorials</ncl>

Pagoda roofs

(en7en @ MTS2 / Exchange)
(Tiko @ MTS2 / Andy / Tiko @ TSR)

<ncl>Category:Build Mode - Roofing - Pagoda roofs - Tutorials</ncl>

Curved roofs

(ninapinacolada @ MTS2/nina @ simsconnection/ninanuiten @ Exchange)
(Jonesi @MTS2/@ Reflexsims Forum)

<ncl>Category:Build Mode - Roofing - Curved roofs - Tutorials</ncl>

Arc-shaped roofs

<ncl>Category:Build Mode - Roofing - Arc-shaped roofs - Tutorials</ncl>

Gabled roofs
(Jonesi @MTS2/@ Reflexsims Forum)
(Jonesi @MTS2/@ Reflexsims Forum)
(Jonesi @MTS2/@ Reflexsims Forum)

<ncl>Category:Build Mode - Roofing - Gabled roofs - Tutorials</ncl>

Pyramid roofs
(Jonesi @MTS2/@ Reflexsims Forum)

<ncl>Category:Build Mode - Roofing - Pyramid roofs - Tutorials</ncl>

Wavy roofs
(Metranisome @ MTS2)

<ncl>Category:Build Mode - Roofing - Wavy roofs - Tutorials</ncl>

complexly-shaped roofs
(Chcknmn297 @ Exchange)

<ncl>Category:Build Mode - Roofing - complexly-shaped roofs - Tutorials</ncl>

roof tools + bp-cfe tool based floor-tiled roofs

(frillen @ MTS2 / frillen7 @ Exchange)
(Jonesi @MTS2/@ Reflexsims Forum)

<ncl>Category:Build Mode - Roofing - roof tools + bp-cfe roofs - Tutorials</ncl>


<ncl>Category:Build Mode - Roofing - Misc./others roofs - Tutorials</ncl>

(plasticbox @MTS2)
(Flabaliki @TheSimSupply.com)

<ncl>Category:Build Mode Roofing Other Tutorials</ncl>



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