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Posing sims on surfaces can be great fun! Using a combination of items and some cleverness, you can make it look like a sim's doing just about anything, on top of just about anything.

This demonstration will show how to pose a sim on a bed, using JohnBrehaut1's OMSP for beds. The same technique can be applied to couches, counters, tables, etc. See this page (right at the top) for links to other OMSPs: Content List: Decorating Themes: Clutter and Functional Home Decor.

You will also need Open for Business for the Magisplay trays - and for them you will need to get the Invisible magisplay tray recolours by pfish at MTS2.

1. Purchase the OMSP from the catalogue, under Surfaces, Misc. Purchase a Magisplay tray.
2. Pose your sim. For this I'm using Squinge's Hula Dance and More, to get her to sit crosslegged.
3. Pick up your sim and put them on the Magisplay tray. You will need to have the moveobjects cheat enabled.
4. Pick up the Magisplay tray and place it on the OMSP. The sim will go with it.
5. Pick up the OMSP and move it into place. The Magisplay tray and sim will go with it.
6. Use the Design Tool and set the OMSP to the invisible recolour.
7. Use the Design Tool and set the Magisplay tray to the invisible recolour.
Sims posed this way can look quite natural.

You can, of course, place other objects on the surface with the sim to create more lovely, cluttered realism - like the pillows shown here. For that, you just place the object directly on the OMSP itself, move the OMSP into place, then recolour the OMSP invisible.

The Magisplay tray is only used for placing sims because sims won't snap onto the slots on the OMSPs - but they will sit on the trays, which will sit on the OMSPs.

WARNING: NEVER save your game with a sim sitting on the Magisplay tray!!! You will no longer be able to load the lot if you do! If you want to save, take the sim OFF the tray, go into live mode, and let them go back to a neutral standing position before you save! If you screw up and save with a sim on the tray and your lot stops loading, you'll have to move the family out (removing all the items from the lot) in order to fix it.

You can also sit a sim down in a chair, then move them onto the magisplay tray, and put that tray on the OMSP for coffee tables to get a sim at a perfect counter height.
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