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Hey guys. I thought about a thing: can I make the ZEPHYR monorail work in custom cities, neighborhoods? First answer: Nope. But this is NOT false. You can make one, just download the file below, and edit it.

You need:


The .ini file


This file (put it in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages)

You can found the Station object made available by this package, in Build Mode/Community/Buildings.

OR you can clone the stations found in Oasis Landing. Just if you use more than 4 stations, make sure you have no stations with the same number.

NRaas GoHere (to use the ZEPHYR in non-Future worlds)

Steps(the hard part):

1. First, build as many stations as you want in CAW's Edit In Game.

IMPORTANT: The stations need to create a cycle in the world. Example: If you have a station which numbered as 0, it needs to connect with 2 and 1, and 1 needs to connect to 0 and 2.

To set the station's number, turn on 'testingcheatsenabled true' and then, press CTRL+Shift and click left on the station's door. There will be a 'Set Station number' thing. You can set it as you want, but if you set e.g. 5, then you need 4 and 6 too.

Now. In the INI file, you can find Oasis Landing's Elevated Transport Rails' coordinates. Between stations, you need to build some elevated transport rails, in CAW. You can find it in the MetaData.

IMPORTANT: The first and last coordinates in the paths, are STATION coordinates.

Example: If the first station is located in x 234, y 50, z 100, then the first coordinate will look like this:

  ;;First Path
  ;; Wasteland Station to Neighborhood Station
  Position = (234, 50, 100)
  RollAmount = 0.00

And the second one is always the FIRST Elevated Transport Rail. The last coordinate in the specific path is the other station's coordinate, where your Sim come in. The next path's first coordinate and the first latest path's last coordinate is ALWAYS the same.

  Position = (756, 73, 1532)
  RollAmount = 0.00
  ;;Next path
  ;; Neighborhood Station to District Station
  Position = (756, 73, 1532)
  RollAmount = 0.00

You can easily set the number of Elevated Transport rails, but it's really unnecessary. If you've set ALL of the rails' coordinates in order, save the INI file, then if you think the rails' are ruining your city's skyline, just delete them if you want. The ZEPHYR will still work without those rails.

Note: DON'T put Elevated Transport Rails inside a lot, the rail is an Out-Lot object.

Then, import the INI file through S3PE. Open the world, select /Resources/Import/From File... and then browse the INI file.

VERY-VERY IMPORTANT: After you export and install the world through the launcher, this INI file will DISAPPEAR from the world. After you've installed it, import it again. The installed worlds are located in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/InstalledWorlds.

Now, put the NRaas GoHere mod in the Mods/Packages folder, to make the ZEPHYR work in the NON-Future worlds like vacation, university, city and suburb worlds.

In the INI File:

Between Wasteland and Neighborhood: 15 rails by default

Between Neighborhood and District: 26 rails by default

Between District and City: 19 rails by default

Between City to Wasteland: 16 rails by default


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