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You have reached Buzzler's private message firewall. Please read and heed the following before you send me a private message. Failure to do so will not only cause eternal shame for you, but also a distinct lack of answers.

Do not PM me about


Seriously, don't. If you have a pose thread in CFF, I will give feedback on my own, if I have the time and actual feedback to give. If you have a question about your poses or the pose guidelines that you think only staff can answer, please start a thread in Creator Issues.

My Mods

If you want to report an issue, request a new feature or, heaven forbid, thank me, please do so in the related mod's comments thread. I read the comments of my threads, trust me!

Updates of my Mods

Oh, for crying out loud, every time a patch was released, I checked/updated all my mods within less than 72 hours! You certainly can wait that long, can't you?

Other Creators' Mods

I don't support other people's mods. Unless it's a staff issue, there's no point in asking me whether another creator's mod works for a certain game version, how to update it or whether I'm willing to update it.

Installation of Mods

Please refer to Game_Help:TS3_Custom_Content to learn how to install custom content. I can't explain it any better than that, so I won't even try.


If you made a translation for a mod, please post it as an attachment in the mod's comment thread. Hint: Click on the Go Advanced button at the bottom of the comments view.

Compatibility or Conflicts with other Mods

I state what I know about possible conflicts in my upload posts. Due to the inner workings of the game and my mods, the possibility for actual conflicts with other mods is incredibly small, no matter if they're core mods, scripting mods or tuning mods. In rare cases it may happen that one of my mods clashes with the functionality of another scripting mod, or vice versa. I can't imagine how this could cause serious harm, though. There's still no point in asking me about possible conflicts of a particular set of mods, because if I knew about conflicts, I would have already mentioned them in the affected mod's upload post.


I don't take random requests, I don't answer questions about the feasibility of certain ideas and I quite possibly don't wanna hear what you think would be essential to have in the game. Ask yourself "Why is my idea a good idea?" If the answer is "Because I want it in the game." and you honestly can't think of anything else then don't tell me about it.

You can try to PM me about

But don't be sad if I still don't answer!

Ideas for Mods

Yes, I do listen to ideas, but only ideas that intrigue me. Making mods is something I do for fun. My fun. Don't tell me your ideas of implementing new ways of torturing/killing sims or bypassing the game's romance rules. I just don't wanna hear stuff like that, let alone create it. Also: "Can you make this or that?" does not count as telling me your idea! That counts as making a request! Ask yourself "Would Buzzler want that in the game and/or will he have fun implementing it?" If the answer is at least "Possibly." then you may tell me about it.


A lot of people have asked me questions about script modding, how to get started, how to make something, stuff like that. I answered all of these questions, usually in a very lengthy and time-consuming way. I don't think I want to do that anymore, because none of them pulled through. I'm not cross with them, especially not the ones who actually thanked me for it, but it just seems pointless. You may try and maybe you find me in the mood to answer, but I'd prefer if you asked in Modding Discussion. I read that forum and I will answer there as well if I have the time for it and something to say.

Everything Else

Yeah, ok, but be reasonable, ok? Lend a common sense from a friend if you don't have your own. I don't want to have to smack you on the head, ok? Try to write proper English within the scope of your abilities. That means you don't need to be scared of me if you're ESL or hire an English major to proof-read your text, but if you use chat language or any other form of non-legible phrasing, the "smack you on the head" thing might come into play.

Still want to send me a PM?

Send private message to Buzzler

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