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Body Shop creates a Body Shop Clothing package. Most, if not all, custom-made clothes that are available everywhere in sites were made with Body Shop. These files (sometimes) appear as Skins or Recolour/Recolor. Some of them require a custom-made Mesh.

This file is a package, and it's usually compressed by zip or rar. The package file (extracted from the .zip or .rar file) must be placed in the Downloads subfolder of the main The Sims 2 folder.

User created packages appear in the SavedSims subfolder.


The structure of the package usually includes 7 types of files. Some of them are repeated. Usually those files are:

  • BINX -
  • 3IDR - The file which controls references to other files - used to link recolours to the mesh
  • STR# - A string resource. The description (in human-readable natural language) of the recolour is stored here.
  • GZPS - The Property Set. Age, Category (Formal? Swimwear?), Gender, Outfit (Top? Bottom? Full?), etc are stored here
  • DIR - Used only if compressed files exist in the package
  • TXMT - Material definitions.
  • TXTR - Texture files.


There are some software that can read the information from these packages and return them in a human-readable form:

  • SimPE is the most complete tool to read and change a package. Just run SimPE and Open the package file. Some care must be taken to change a file, but these operations are safe:
in the Property Set:
change the category (for example, from underwear to formal)
change the age between Adult (0x8) / Young Adult (0x40) / (Adult + Young Adult) (0x48)
in the Text Lists
change the description (there is just one string, with ID 0x0)
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