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File References

This explains how some of the Object Files are referenced. You can use this to find the Files belonging to a Object.

0. Object Group The Object Group can be calculated by creating the CRC24 over the Name Reference File. All Files having this Group obviously belong to the Object.

1. Resource Node Everything starts with finding the Resource Node of an Object. I use the Text List 0x85 from the Object to find the Name of the Resource Node and load it. Numenor told me that the Text List can contain more then one Name. Maxis seems to refer to those strings as Model name.

2. Shape (Objects06) The Reference part of the Resource Node lists all needed Shape Files. So I'll load them too

3. Geometry Node (Objects04) Each Shape can link to several GMND Files (Items Tab in the Shape), so i will load all of them

4. Geometric Data Container (Objects03) The Reference Part of the GMNDs Link to the assigned Geometry Data Containers.)

5. Material Definition (Objects02) The Part Tab of the SHPE lists all assigned MATD Files and the vailable subsets

6. Texture Image (Objects06) The stdMatBaseTextureName Entry of the MATD references the TXTR Files we have to load

7. Large Image File (Objects07-09) TXTRs can link to different Lifo Files instead of containing actual Image Data.

8. Model Override (Materials) a MMAT belongs to an object if the modelName is the same as the Filename of one of the Resource Node Files.

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