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NOTE: All Global files (BCON, BHAV, FCNS, SLOT, and STR#) are located in Group ID 7FD46CD0.

The Global Functions (OpCode 0x0100 - 0x0FFF) are used to perform tasks which are not specific to any particular object or group of objects, but can be called by the Behavioral Functions of any Sim/Object in the game.

As with the other non-Primitive calls, the Type ID is always BHAV and the OpCode is translated to an Instance ID. Unlike a Local Function (where the Group ID is the same as that of the calling Behavior Function) or the SemiGlobal Function (where the Group ID is defined by the GLOB file), a Global ALWAYS uses Group ID 7FD46CD0. Therefore, an OpCode of 0x0100 calls the file with a TGIR of BHAV.7FD46CD0.00000100.00000000 (Balloon - Display Speech Balloon (w/X) of GUID).

When any non-Primitive call occurs, execution is passed to the called BHAV file (Op 1-8 and Unknown 1-8 are used to define the argument(s) which will be passed into the called Function). If the called BHAV results in an Error value, the entire process tree is immediately halted. Otherwise, the resultant True or False value will be passed back to the Instruction line which called the BHAV and execution will pass to the Instruction's GoOnTrue or GoOnFalse, respectively.

Basegame Global Opcodes

0x0100: Balloon - Display Speech Balloon (w/X) of GUID
0x0101: Object in Hand - Remove Objects
0x0102: In Use?
0x0103: Debug - Toggle Anim info to Debug window
0x0104: Locomotion - Update Walk
0x0105: Get in Temp 0 & 1 - Rel. and Abs. Direction - From (X) to (Y)
0x0106: Debug - User X
0x0107: Get in Temp 0 - ID - Closest Sim
0x0108: Age - Am I a Teen?
0x0109: Hide Menu
0x010A: Debug - User JSIMPSON
0x010B: Zodiac - Param 0 to Param 1 - Attracted?
0x010C: MT - Init - Wall Placement
0x010D: Get in Temp 0 & 1 - HIBYTE & LOBYTE
0x010E: Test - Same Object?
0x010F: Init - Object
0x0110: Standard Entry
0x0111: Standard Exit
0x0112: Personality - Receptivity Check
0x0113: Run in Object's Stack Callback
0x0114: Attraction - (Get Attraction of X to Y in Temp 0)
0x0115: Run in Object's Stack
0x0116: Standard Entry - Multi-Tile
0x0117: Standard Exit - Multi-Tile
0x0118: Idle
0x0119: Wait For Notify
0x011A: Divide Tick Counts
0x011B: Routing - Goto and Wait
0x011C: Fail - Food Chain Obj
0x011D: Fun Object - Interaction TEST
0x011E: Skill - Disable Meter
0x011F: Verify - Stack Obj ID
0x0120: Init - Clear Attributes
0x0121: Balloon - Display Thought Balloon (w/X) of GUID
0x0122: Personality - Idle - Get Dominate Personality
0x0123: Electrocute Me - Remove Random Skill Point
0x0124: Motives - Decay - Set in Range
0x0125: Clean - Interaction TEST
0x0126: Privacy - Shoo Sims
0x0127: Snap - Away (flip sim around)
0x0128: Schedule - Phone Call - w/ Neighbor
0x0129: NPC - Try Get NID of NPC Type in T[0]
0x012A: Debug - Show Flags
0x012B: Ownership - Get Amount in Temp 0
0x012C: Zodiac - Param 0 to Param 1 - Repelled?
0x012D: Personality - Cleanable Object Entry
0x012E: Memory - Affair
0x012F: Leave
0x0130: Family - Relationships - Reset
0x0131: Sync - Heavyweight
0x0132: Memory - Strength of Temp Token
0x0133: Social Marker - Place 2x2 - ID in T[0]
0x0134: Personality - Cleanable Object Exit
0x0135: Memory - _Kiss
0x0136: Clothes - Want Satisfy - Change
0x0137: NPC - Get Outfit GUID for Type in T[0,1]
0x0138: Privacy - Ignore person?
0x0139: Pregnancy - Can We Get Pregnant?
0x013A: NPC - Get Template GUID for Type in T[0,1]
0x013B: Marriage - Break Up
0x013C: MT - Get in Temp 0 & 1 - Max X & Y
0x013D: Debug - User VSARTOR
0x013E: Debug - User MTRAVER
0x013F: Facial - Background - Events
0x0140: NPC - Get Template Age/Gender in T[0,1]
0x0141: Debug - User MLAWSON
0x0142: Crapness - update for dirty level
0x0143: Facial - Background - Start Anim
0x0144: Motives - Adjust Motive - Normal Bounds
0x0145: Motives - Adjust My Motives - Define Bounds
0x0146: Want Satisfy - Best Friend
0x0147: Want Satisfy - Best Friend - Lose
0x0148: Test - Can Sim X See Sim/Obj Y?
0x0149: Test - Clear Ray Trace Between X & Y?
0x014A: Overhead Meter - Track Skill
0x014B: Verify - Person ID
0x014C: Overhead Meter - Stop
0x014D: Overhead Meter - Track Repairs
0x014E: Locomotion - Reaction Walk
0x014F: MT - Get in Temp 0 - Tile ID w/Lowest Subindex
0x0150: MT - Get in Temp 0 - Tile ID at Subindex
0x0151: Get in Temp 3 - My Handedness
0x0152: Age - Sims Age ""=="" Param 1?
0x0153: Attraction - (Return Interest Differtial in Temp 0)
0x0154: Ownership: Move out with object?
0x0155: missing animation tree
0x0156: Trigger - Standard - Pass in Msg
0x0157: Trash - Create Pile of Size (1...10)
0x0158: Age - Am I a Toddler?
0x0159: Age - Am I an Elder?
0x015A: Overhead Meter - Track Interests
0x015B: Pool - Am I in a pool?
0x015C: Motives - Decay - Additive Amount
0x015D: Social Marker - Change Passability
0x015E: Locomotion - Reset Walk to Default
0x015F: Emitter/Trigger - Custom, Track Sim
0x0160: Lot - Is Residential?
0x0161: Facial Overlay - Begin
0x0162: Idle System - Start
0x0163: Idle System - Stop
0x0164: Emitter - Create Broken Object
0x0165: Rel - Get in Temp 0 - STR - Me to Param 0
0x0166: Rel - Do I ST Love param 0
0x0167: Rel - Am I Friends with Param 0?
0x0168: Rel - Is Param 0 friends with me?
0x0169: Rel - Does Param 0 ST love me?
0x016A: Set FX - Topic - Thought Bubble
0x016B: Age - Am I a Child?
0x016C: Age - Am I an Adult?
0x016D: Age - Sim A or B a Child/Toddler?
0x016E: Idle - Hours
0x016F: Idle - Minutes
0x0170: Pool - Is Param in Pool?
0x0171: Debug - Snap Failure
0x0172: Idle System - Timed Idle
0x0173: zzzMemory - Read Weakest Bad in Aspiration
0x0174: zzzMemory - Read Weakest Good in Aspiration
0x0175: Get in Temp 0 - ID - Random Portal
0x0176: Debug - Route Failure
0x0177: Lot - Full of Sims?
0x0178: Verify - Object ID
0x0179: Personality - Receptivity End
0x017A: Reaction - Do Consolable Cry
0x017B: Debug - Routing Balloons
0x017C: Lot - Is Community?
0x017D: Memory - Simultaneous Loves
0x017E: Force - Stand
0x017F: Locomotion - Add Duration Walk
0x0180: Social - Dynamic Walk Enabled?
0x0181: NPC - Get Paid
0x0182: Privacy - Alone?
0x0183: Failure - Sleep - Fall on Floor - Begin
0x0184: Failure - Sleep - Fall on Floor - End
0x0185: NPC - Create OOW - ID in T[0]
0x0186: Overhead Meter - Track Custom
0x0187: Overhead Meter - Update Custom
0x0188: Route - Route to Reach
0x0189: Kill Sim
0x018A: Flood - Create
0x018B: Clean - Ultra Interaction TEST
0x018C: Disease - Is Sim X Sick?
0x018D: Debug - Social Outcome
0x018E: CT - Route Failure Feedback
0x018F: Pregnancy - Is Sim Pregnant?
0x0190: Test - Obj A facing MT Obj B?
0x0191: Motive - Set Adult Awake - Pregnant
0x0192: Memory - Simultaneous Best Friends
0x0193: Get in Temp 0 - Personality Skill Bonus
0x0194: Camera - Create CineCam1
0x0195: Fun Object (ME) - Exit?
0x0196: Emitter - Set up Be Greeted
0x0197: Skill - Refuse Skill Object
0x0198: Facial Overlay - Continue
0x0199: Category - Is Object Type Of
0x019A: Join - Can Join?
0x019B: Idle System - Look At Something
0x019C: Utility - Turn Off Power
0x019D: Look At - Push Stop
0x019E: Get in Temp 0 - Count - Residents
0x019F: Skill - Exit Skill Object?
0x01A0: Motives - Am I Solitary (for Family Social Decay)
0x01A1: Teach - Affect Reactions
0x01A2: Utility - Turn On Power
0x01A3: Inventory - Count w/Flags
0x01A4: Dream - Start
0x01A5: Social - Push Social - User Driven
0x01A6: Am I Standing?
0x01A7: Facial Overlay - Continue Loop
0x01A8: Facial Overlay - End
0x01A9: Verify - Neighbor ID
0x01AA: Set FX - Topic - Speech Balloon
0x01AB: Food - Conversion - Units -> $
0x01AC: Food - Conversion - $ -> Units
0x01AD: Age - Am I a Baby?
0x01AE: Memory - Total Value in Temp 0
0x01AF: Age - Get in Temp 0 - Age of Param 0
0x01B0: Age - Sim A and B the Same Age?
0x01B1: Get in Temp 0 - Packed Bytes
0x01B2: Snap - Left
0x01B3: Snap - Right
0x01B4: Facial Overlay - Notice Sim
0x01B5: Age - Get in Temp 0 - Age of Neighbor
0x01B6: Set FX - Crush
0x01B7: Social - Verify Params
0x01B8: NPC - Put NPC Outfit On Me
0x01B9: Inventory - Get Random in Temp 0
0x01BA: Anim - Sim & Object by Index
0x01BB: CT - Route Blocked Animation
0x01BC: CT - Route Ask To Move Animation
0x01BD: CT - Route Waiting Animation
0x01BE: CT - Close People List Changed
0x01BF: CT - Can Slip Past?
0x01C0: Sync - Heavyweight w/Anim
0x01C1: Anim - Sim by Index
0x01C2: Memory - Balloon Sequence Timed
0x01C3: Fitness - Delta - Set
0x01C4: Fitness - Delta - Clear
0x01C5: Fitness - Inc
0x01C6: Gender and Fitness Preference - Inc
0x01C7: Gender Preference - Autonomous?
0x01C8: Gender Preference - Accept Romance?
0x01C9: Family - Set Relation
0x01CA: Family - Set to Next - Relative of Type
0x01CB: Family - Set Relation - Extended
0x01CC: Memory - Timer - Memory Effect
0x01CD: Zits - Does Sim Have Zits?
0x01CE: Age - Sims Age >= Param 1?
0x01CF: Look At - Check Out
0x01D0: Look At - Check Out - Continue
0x01D1: Get in Temp X - Random in Range
0x01D2: Coin Flip
0x01D3: Dispose Trash In Hand
0x01D4: CT - Visible People List Changed
0x01D5: Object in Hand - Get ID(tmp 0) & Hand(tmp 3)
0x01D6: Dispose Trash On Ground
0x01D7: Skill - Start
0x01D8: Skill - End
0x01D9: Repair - Repair End
0x01DA: Family - Get Relation
0x01DB: Force Sit - On Floor
0x01DC: Force - Center of Tile
0x01DD: Lot - Is Location?
0x01DE: Fun Object (Sim X) - Exit?
0x01DF: Break - Increment
0x01E0: Family - Get Parents - Obj IDs
0x01E1: Set FX - Rel Change
0x01E2: Repair - Repair Start
0x01E3: Force - Sit Next To
0x01E4: Memory - Read Best into Temp Token
0x01E5: CT - Snap Me
0x01E6: Memory - Timer - Neighbor Effect
0x01E7: NPC - Is Sim on the Job?
0x01E8: Force - Sit
0x01E9: Toddler - Set Stand/Sit State
0x01EA: CT - Message Handler
0x01EB: Am I Deviant?
0x01EC: Clothes - Is Outfit Valid?
0x01ED: Debug - Toggle Window Open/Close
0x01EE: Debug - Toggle Anim Ticker
0x01EF: Balloon - Display Thought Balloon of GUID
0x01F0: Wants - Trigger - Funds Change
0x01F1: Route - Drop Location - Same Room
0x01F2: Soc&Rel: Adjust - Bunny Check
0x01F3: Slot - Get Occupant ID
0x01F4: Set FX - Love
0x01F5: CT - Look At
0x01F6: Curtain - Hold
0x01F7: Curtain - Ready
0x01F8: Trigger - Sim Entered Room
0x01F9: Soc&Rel: Get in Temp 0 - Family Friend Count
0x01FA: Autonomous - Is Sim X?
0x01FB: Reaction - Push Interaction - Max
0x01FC: Debug - Toggle Show Bones
0x01FD: Social - Dynamic Walk - Push B Interaction?
0x01FE: Set FX - Thought Balloon
0x01FF: Soc&Rel: Either Sim a Visitor?
0x0200: Soc&Rel: Test - Either Sim a Resident
0x0201: Reaction - Create Obj from ID (return Obj in Tmp 0)
0x0202: Reaction - Push Interaction - Autonomous
0x0203: Reaction - Do - Animate Sim
0x0204: Reaction - Do - Overlay
0x0205: Repair - Maintain End
0x0206: Repair - Maintain Start
0x0207: Repair - X is Broken?
0x0208: Repair - X needs Maintenance?
0x0209: Trigger - Violence Toward Object
0x020A: Social - Push Social - Autonomous
0x020B: Curtain - Up?
0x020C: Hurry - Start
0x020D: Soc&Rel: Adjust STR to Other Sim
0x020E: Family - Relationships - Init
0x020F: Look At - Push (on Stack Obj ID 0)
0x0210: Motives - Set Home Awake
0x0211: Motives - Set Home Asleep
0x0212: Get in Temp X - Percentage
0x0213: Sync - Lightweight
0x0214: Test - Obj A facing Obj B?
0x0215: Test - Same GUID?
0x0216: Soc&Rel: Adjust LTR to Other Sim
0x0217: Soc&Rel: Get in Temp 0 - Percentage Of Number
0x0218: Object In Hand - Held By Person?
0x0219: Wake - Everyone in Room
0x021A: Teach - Init
0x021B: Teach - Interrupt?
0x021C: Trigger - Violence Toward Sim
0x021D: Trigger - Sim Exits Room
0x021E: Trigger - Jealousy - Sim
0x021F: Trigger - Death Awareness
0x0220: Get in Temps - Age of Obj Instance [m:d:h:m]
0x0221: Get in Temp 0 - Age of Obj Instance
0x0222: Is Objects's Room Outside?
0x0223: Trigger - Smell - Negative
0x0224: Trigger - Smell - Positive
0x0225: Slot - Find Obj in Slot Hierarchy
0x0226: Trigger - Bladder Failure
0x0227: Route - Social Distance
0x0228: Route - Drop Location
0x0229: Rel - Do I LT Love param 0
0x022A: Rel - Does Param 0 LT love me?
0x022B: Electrocute Me
0x022C: Electrocute Me - Event Tree
0x022D: Trigger - Post Competition
0x022E: Motives - Set Social Change
0x022F: Motives - Increment Social
0x0230: Trigger - Noise - Negative
0x0231: Trigger - Romance - Mild
0x0232: Trigger - Romance - Strong
0x0233: Trigger - Weather - Negative
0x0234: Cleaning Tracker - Start
0x0235: Cleaning Tracker - End
0x0236: Rel - Am I Best Friends with Param 0
0x0237: Pickup - Be Picked Up
0x0238: Pickup - Sim
0x0239: Pickup - Wait On Subqueue Interaction
0x023A: Pickup - Carrying Sim?
0x023B: Emitter - Create Energy Failure
0x023C: Pickup - Drop Off
0x023D: Pickup - Wait For Next Interaction
0x023E: Pickup - Wait For Current Interaction
0x023F: Soc&Rel: Adjust - Special Cases
0x0240: Family - Are We Family?
0x0241: Rel - Get in Temp 0 - LTR - Me to Param 0
0x0242: Random - Unused Value
0x0243: Memory - Read Worst into Temp Token
0x0244: Emitter - Create Smell Negative
0x0245: Brain - Attach Obj to Sim
0x0246: Social - Push Social - Max Priority
0x0247: Brain - Remove Obj from Sim
0x0248: Brain - Get Person from Obj
0x0249: Emitter - Create Smell Positive
0x024A: Emitter - Create Noise Negative
0x024B: Pickup - Poses
0x024C: Random - Unused Value from Range
0x024D: Emitter - Create Disgusting to Neat
0x024E: Cleaning Tracker - Stop Cleaning?
0x024F: Exit Object - Motive Failing?
0x0250: Pregnancy - Try To Get Pregnant
0x0251: Motive - Set Adult Awake
0x0252: Motive - Set Baby/Toddler Awake
0x0253: Motive - Set Teen Awake
0x0254: Motive - Set Elder Awake
0x0255: Motive - Set Child Awake - Home
0x0256: Anims - Spine Overlay - Start
0x0257: Anims - Spine Overlay - Stop
0x0258: Clothes - Sim Normal Guid Check
0x0259: Trigger - Negative Personality Response
0x025A: Emitter - Already Reacted to this Emitter?
0x025B: Emitter - Add emitter to timeout list
0x025C: Is Power On?
0x025D: Is Water On?
0x025E: Repair - Exit Repair?
0x025F: Add to Total Water Usage
0x0260: Add to Total Energy
0x0261: Marriage - Engaged/Married?
0x0262: Marriage - Get Engaged/Married
0x0263: Repair - Maintain Failed? (+ set broken)
0x0264: Soc&Rel: Adjust Soc & Rel to Other Sim
0x0265: Dirty - Set To Dirty
0x0266: Camera - First Person
0x0267: Debug - Set Ultra Slow
0x0268: Debug - Set Medium slow
0x0269: Debug - Set Barely Slow
0x026A: Debug - Set No Slow
0x026B: Repair - Should I break?
0x026C: Conversation - Do
0x026D: Conversation - Enter
0x026E: Conversation - Exit
0x026F: Skill Check - Linear Ramp
0x0270: Idle System - Stop (With Flags)
0x0271: Idle System - Start (With Flags)
0x0272: Memory - Change Property Value
0x0273: Social Marker - Set Intersect IDs
0x0274: Get in Temp 0 - ID - Closest Obj of Category
0x0275: Emitter - Create Romance
0x0276: Pickup - Do Carry Sim
0x0277: Personality - Get Dominant Personality ID in Temp 0
0x0278: Emitter - Create Custom
0x0279: Emitter - Create Custom, Track Sim
0x027A: Pickup - Get Sim Push Subqueue
0x027B: Motives - Set Baby/Toddler Distressed
0x027C: Electrocute Me - React to Electrocution
0x027D: NPC - Instance of on Lot?
0x027E: Memory - Balloon Sequence
0x027F: Memory - Clear
0x0280: Memory - Read Memory of GUID into Temp Token
0x0281: Memory - Read Weakest Good into Temp Token
0x0282: Memory - Read Weakest Bad into Temp Token
0x0283: Ownership - Do Jealousy?
0x0284: Ownership - Do Jealousy
0x0285: Ownership - Missing object reaction
0x0286: Ownership - Is Sim Primary owner of Object
0x0287: Lot - Is CAS?
0x0288: Move Out - Scorned
0x0289: zzzMemory - Read Strongest Good in Aspiration
0x028A: zzzMemory - Read Strongest Bad in Aspiration
0x028B: Ownership : Does Sim Own Object
0x028C: Ownership - react to mess
0x028D: Ownership - Get Primary Owner NID in Temp 0
0x028E: Ghost - Float Generic Single Tile Object
0x028F: Food - Get in Temp 0&1 - Food Units & Capacity
0x0290: Food - Food Dialog - (Temp0=Cost, Temp1=Units)
0x0291: Food - Update - Food Unit Info Token
0x0292: Goal Check: Is object in use
0x0293: Dream - End
0x0294: Budget - Make Transaction
0x0295: Memory Marker - Read Worst into Temp Token
0x0296: Memory Marker - Read Best into Temp Token
0x0297: Memory - Balloon Sequence Stop
0x0298: Ownership: Set Ownership to object
0x0299: Social - Get Interaction Eligibility
0x029A: Social - Get Social Eligibility
0x029B: Clothes - Change Outfit - External Guid
0x029C: Clothes - Change Outfit
0x029D: Clothes - Events - Change Outfit
0x029E: Clothes - Events - Change Outfit - External
0x029F: Move In - Allow?
0x02A0: Move In - Normal
0x02A1: Move Out - Allow?
0x02A2: Move Out - Normal
0x02A3: Set FX - Personality Change
0x02A4: Move Out - Sub Move
0x02A5: Sim - Interaction Array - Clear
0x02A6: Sim - Interaction Array - Empty? (size in Temp0)
0x02A7: Sim - Interaction Array - Add
0x02A8: Sim - Interaction Array - Add - Exclusive
0x02A9: Sim - Interaction Array - Find
0x02AA: Sim - Interaction Array - Get Value at Index
0x02AB: Immaturity - Adjust Ads
0x02AC: Autonomous - Am I?
0x02AD: Soc&Rel:Diminishing Returns
0x02AE: Memory Marker - Get Random Bad in Temp 0
0x02AF: Get in Temp 0 - Neighbor ID of Sim
0x02B0: zzzMemory - Has Bad in Aspiration?
0x02B1: zzzMemory - Has Good in Aspiration?
0x02B2: Memory Marker - Has Good on Subject?
0x02B3: Memory Marker - Has Bad on Subject?
0x02B4: Budget - Update Personal Wealth
0x02B5: Repair - Exit Maintain?
0x02B6: Social - LTR Rel. Test
0x02B7: Social - STR Rel. Test
0x02B8: Family - Are We Blood Relatives?
0x02B9: Get in Temp 0 - Attracted LTR (X to Y)
0x02BA: Get in Temp 0 - Attracted STR (X to Y)
0x02BB: Get in Temp 0 - Attracted Mood (X to Y)
0x02BC: Pregnancy - Is Sim Showing?
0x02BD: Clothes - Is Outfit Valid - Pregnancy?
0x02BE: Memory - Been Kissed Before?
0x02BF: Timer - Count Up - ID in T[0]
0x02C0: Timer - Count Down - ID in T[0]
0x02C1: Timer - Get Units Elapsed in T[0]
0x02C2: Timer - Kill
0x02C3: Anim - Play Shoo
0x02C4: Motives - Hygiene - Effects
0x02C5: Get in Temp X - Constant Value in Range
0x02C6: Motives - Set Disabled Motives
0x02C7: Debug - Increment Ownership +5
0x02C8: Debug - Return Ownership
0x02C9: Debug - Decrement Ownership -5
0x02CA: Social - Get in Temp 0 - Personality Rel Test Modifer
0x02CB: Fade Object - IN
0x02CC: Fade Object - OUT
0x02CD: Set FX - Icon - Generic
0x02CE: Get in Temp 0 - ID - Next Obj of Category
0x02CF: Age - Am I a Baby or Toddler?
0x02D0: Social - Set NonDefault Timeout
0x02D1: Overhead Meter - Track Maintain
0x02D2: Get in Temp 0 - Skill Gain Speed
0x02D3: Get In Temp 0 - Idle System ID
0x02D4: Object in Hand - Drop
0x02D5: Family - Are We Family? NIDS
0x02D6: Dirty - Inc - Personality
0x02D7: Get in Temp 0 - Front Door
0x02D8: Force - Get Out of Pool
0x02D9: Force - Stand - In Place
0x02DA: Interaction - Object Error
0x02DB: Want Satisfy - Skill Gain
0x02DC: CT - Object Error
0x02DD: Camera - Set Visible Flags
0x02DE: Camera - Event - CineCam
0x02DF: Turn toward absolute direction
0x02E0: Dirty - Set To Clean
0x02E1: Dirty - Set To Ultra-Clean
0x02E2: Skill - Set Dialog Object
0x02E3: NPC - Create OOW - ID in T[0] - No Preload
0x02E4: Schedule - NPC - Once
0x02E5: Schedule - NPC - Recurring
0x02E6: Schedule - Visitor - Immediately
0x02E7: Schedule - Visitor - Interaction
0x02E8: Schedule - Visitor - Once
0x02E9: Schedule - Visitor - Recurring
0x02EA: Schedule - Visitor - Special Cases
0x02EB: Schedule - Visitor - Unschedule
0x02EC: Schedule - NPC - Check
0x02ED: Schedule - Visitor - Check
0x02EE: Schedule - NPC - Unschedule
0x02EF: NPC - Preselect - ID in T[0]
0x02F0: NPC - Preselect - Undo
0x02F1: Clothes - Change Outfit - Specify Sim ID
0x02F2: Clothes - Change Outfit - External Guid - No Spin - Specify Sim
0x02F3: No-Op
0x02F4: Repair - Repair Failed?
0x02F5: Social - Adj Advertising
0x02F6: Social - Use Family Advertising?
0x02F7: Trigger - Jealousy - No Scold
0x02F8: Selectable: Unselect Sim
0x02F9: Repair - Electrocute?
0x02FA: Shoo - Specific Sim
0x02FB: Pickup - Get Sim Push Interaction
0x02FC: Shoo - Sims from tile Object X is on
0x02FD: Shoo - Sims from Obj X - MT
0x02FE: Selectable: Is Sim Selectable?
0x02FF: Soc&Rel: Set Familiarity Between Sims
0x0300: Rel - Has Sim A met Sim B?
0x0301: Death - Is Sim Dead? (NID)
0x0302: Set FX - Motive
0x0303: Ownership - Who is using object?
0x0304: Pregnancy - Make Pregnant
0x0305: Pregnancy - How Many Babies?(Temp 1)
0x0306: Check Trees - Nuke all ads
0x0307: Sim - Interaction Eligible?
0x0308: Ownership - Get Jealousy Score
0x0309: Selectable: Select A Sim
0x030A: Pregnancy - Have Twins?
0x030B: Pregnancy - Modify Twin % Chance
0x030C: Temp Array - Add
0x030D: Temp Array - Add - Exclusive
0x030E: Temp Array - Clear
0x030F: Temp Array - Empty? (size in Temp0)
0x0310: Temp Array - Find
0x0311: Temp Array - Get Value at Index
0x0312: Temp Array - Get ID
0x0313: Emitter/Trigger - Jealousy - Sim
0x0314: NPC - Create OOW - Only if Available
0x0315: Sim - Create New Sim - Child
0x0316: Leave - Sub - By Vehicle
0x0317: Balloon - Display Thought Balloon of nID
0x0318: Balloon - Display Speech Balloon of nID
0x0319: Selectable: Set
0x031A: NPC - Can Push Interactions Onto?
0x031B: Memory Marker - Target has this marker?
0x031C: Memory Marker - Copy Marker (no dupe)
0x031D: Sim - Running Interaction?
0x031E: Teach - Be Taught - TEST
0x031F: Teach - Ask To Teach - TEST
0x0320: Hurry - Get Tracker by Owner
0x0321: Hurry - End
0x0322: Balloon - Display Speech Balloon of GUID
0x0323: Temps - Store
0x0324: Temps - Restore
0x0325: Misc Skill - Inc - Result in T[0]
0x0326: Misc Skill - Get - in T[0]
0x0327: Route - Decide Whether to Run
0x0328: Thought - Think about object
0x0329: Thought - Think About Dead Person
0x032A: Thought - Think about Icon
0x032B: Init - Sim - Put Ring on Finger if Needed
0x032C: Immaturity - Do?
0x032D: Immaturity - Searching for?
0x032E: Get in Temp 0 - Closest Door
0x032F: Thought - Think about something
0x0330: Desperation - Searching for?
0x0331: Desperation - Do?
0x0332: Emitter - Create Sex Appeal Emitter
0x0333: Set FX - Aspiration Balloon
0x0334: Immaturity/Desperation - Balloon
0x0335: In Use? Smart Check Tree Test
0x0336: Emitter - Create - You're Crazy
0x0337: Family - Get Parents - NIDs
0x0338: Family - Add To New Family
0x0339: Move Out - Normal - Main
0x033A: Clothes - Sim X Has Category Y?
0x033B: Conversation - Get Count (in Temp0)
0x033C: Goal Check - Surface
0x033D: Family - Add Sim To Family
0x033E: Comfort Object - Exit?
0x033F: Interests - Change
0x0340: Emitter - Create Upsetting
0x0341: Thought - Sub - Romance
0x0342: Thought - Sub - Knowledge
0x0343: Thought - Sub - Reputation
0x0344: Thought - Sub - Family
0x0345: Thought - Sub - Wealth
0x0346: Clothes - Play Animation (globals use only)
0x0347: Schedule - Visitor - Set Selectable Flags
0x0348: Sim - Create New Sim - Generic
0x0349: Scripting - Normal Behavior?
0x034A: Coordinate - Place
0x034B: Coordinate - Place Relative
0x034C: Conversation - Enter (Area)
0x034D: Toddler - Can I use?
0x034E: Get in Temp 0 - Object Level
0x034F: Room - Objects on Same Level?
0x0350: Social - Push Social - Max Priority - No Hurry
0x0351: Aspiration - Get Level
0x0352: Soc&Rel: Adjust STR From A->B w/ nIDs
0x0353: Social - Push Social - As Continuation
0x0354: Get in Temp 0 - Logarithmic Modifier
0x0355: Idle System - Start (Force Personality)
0x0356: Soc&Rel: Set Familiarity Between Sims - nIDs
0x0357: Event - Timer - Object Fade
0x0358: Social - Disable Autonomous Socials
0x0359: Social - Reenable Autonomous Socials
0x035A: Lot Export - Export Full Sim(Primary)
0x035B: Lot Export - Export Secondary Sim
0x035C: Lot Export - Remove Full Sim(Primary)
0x035D: Emitter - Create Naked Emitter
0x035E: Lot Export - (DON'T CALL THIS) - Token Adder
0x035F: Lot Export - (DON'T CALL THIS) - Token Remover
0x0360: Lot Export - Remove Secondary Sim
0x0361: Join - Join Pie Menu
0x0362: In Use? - Use Blocked Feedback
0x0363: Get in Temp 0 - Next Sim Using Object
0x0364: Distance - Objects <= X tiles apart?
0x0365: Family - Are We Step-Family?
0x0366: Family - Are We Step-Family - NIDs
0x0367: Want Satisfy - Friend
0x0368: Romance - Already Romantically Involved?
0x0369: Want Satisfy - Teach
0x036A: Wants - Considered Family? - NIDs
0x036B: Lot Import - Remap NID(Temp 1)
0x036C: Wants - Considered Family? - Obj IDs
0x036D: CT - Lot Loaded
0x036E: Set FX - Friend
0x036F: Set FX - Best Friend
0x0370: Set FX - Enemy
0x0371: Soc&Rel: Mutual Set/Clear Enemy w/FX
0x0372: Want Satisfy - Had another child
0x0373: Want Satisfy - Check for Grandchildren Wants
0x0374: Want Satisfy - Check for Children
0x0375: Overhead Meter - Create in Slot
0x0376: UI - Control - Disable
0x0377: UI - Control - Enable
0x0378: Pregnancy - Is Sim Young Enough?
0x0379: NPC - Get Alien Dad - NID
0x037A: Skill - Lose Random Skill Point
0x037B: Want Satisfy - Clean Up
0x037C: Emitter - Create Irritating Kid Emitter
0x037D: Want Satisfy - Object Breaks
0x037E: Get in Temp 0 - Specified Personality Score
0x037F: Want Satisfy - Play With
0x0380: Conversation - Breathe
0x0381: Toddler - Create Skill Token
0x0382: Toddler - Check Skill Flag
0x0383: Toddler - Get Skill Level
0x0384: Toddler - Set Skill Flag
0x0385: Toddler - Set Skill Level
0x0386: Lot - Load Complete?
0x0387: Toddler - Clear Skill Flag
0x0388: Autonomous - Am I in an interaction?
0x0389: Social Marker - Delete
0x038A: Event - Timer - Unhide
0x038B: Wants - Play Ins - Get in T[0,1] - [Total, Public]
0x038C: Want Satisfy - Play In
0x038D: Dialog - Say Goodbye
0x038E: Soc&Rel: Adjust LTR From A->B w/ nIDs
0x038F: Soc&Rel: Update Enemy Status w/ nIDs
0x0390: Want Satisfy - Love
0x0391: Rel - Is NID Friend of Family?
0x0392: Want Satisfy - Trigger - Can Be Promoted
0x0393: Sim - Mood Boost - Update
0x0394: GUID - Get in Temp 0 - Object of GUID
0x0395: GUID - Find and Kill
0x0396: Memory - Add Memory
0x0397: Skill - End (Sim X)
0x0398: Clothes - Electrocution - Clear Electrocution Skin
0x0399: Clothes - Set Last Outfit
0x039A: Clothes - Change Outfit - External Guid - Stack Object ID
0x039B: Set FX - Icon - Generic - Stop
0x039C: Calculate - Ratio of N - Overflow Safe
0x039D: Verify - Neighbor is Linked
0x039E: SKU - Check - Is Thai?
0x039F: CT - Still Emitting?
0x03A0: Schedule - NPC - Unschedule - Certain Type
0x03A1: Schedule - NPC - Check - Type
0x03A2: Wants - Refresh - Verify
0x03A3: Wants - Refresh All - Recalc
0x03A4: Wants - Refresh All - Verify
0x03A5: Wants - Refresh - Recalc
0x03A6: Force Sit - On Floor - Create Sit Marker
0x03A7: Clothes - Get Dressed For Public
0x03A8: CT - Route Failure Feedback - Animation
0x03A9: Family - Move to Family on Delete
0x03AA: Party Controller - Notify
0x03AB: Phone - Can this neighbor call?
0x03AC: SKU - Check
0x03AD: NPC - Is Type?
0x03AE: Age - Can Sim Transition Now?
0x03AF: Memory - Met Someone
0x03B0: Object - Has tile Inside/Outside?
0x03B1: Object - Get Level - T[0]
0x03B2: Comfort Object - Exit? (with bubble)
0x03B3: Sim - Uses SG Interaction Table?
0x03B4: Electrocute Me - Set Burned State
0x03B5: Fire - Active Fire in Room?
0x03B6: Clothes - Electrocution - Remove Burnt Face
0x03B7: Event - Delete Meta Object
0x03B8: Wants - Set CAS History
0x03B9: Clothes - Electrocution - Do I have on?
0x03BA: Motive - Display Motive Balloon
0x03BB: Sub - Leave - Change Clothes
0x03BC: Aspiration - Reward Object Success?
0x03BD: Save - Disable/Enable
0x03BE: Wants - Make Outs - Get # in T[0]
0x03BF: Want Satisfy - Make Out
0x03C0: Clothes - Pregnancy Change Outfit
0x03C1: Memory - Timer - GUID Effect

University Global Opcodes

0x03C2: Club - Add To Club
0x03C3: Club - Change Rank
0x03C4: Club - Remove From Club
0x03C5: Club - Active in Club?
0x03C6: Age - Am I a Young Adult?
0x03C7: Age - Is Sim a Young Adult?
0x03C8: College - Add Door Key
0x03C9: College - Have Key?
0x03CA: College - Remove Key
0x03CB: Age - Any Sims in Room < Age?
0x03CC: Private - Allow Change? (Streaker Test)
0x03CD: Collete - Find an Owner on Lot - Temp 0
0x03CE: Zombie - Is Sim a Zombie?
0x03CF: College - Modify Grade
0x03D0: College - Modify GPA
0x03D1: Influence - Am I Being Influenced?
0x03D2: Influence - Is Sim X being Influenced?
0x03D3: Cellphone - Does Sim Have One?
0x03D4: Cellphone - Give Sim Cellphone
0x03D5: Cellphone - Remove From Sim
0x03D6: Object - Set Lockable
0x03D7: Object - Unset Lockable
0x03D8: Club - Is Sim in Club?
0x03D9: Club - Are Sims in Same Club?
0x03DA: Sim - Fake Into Family (Dorm)
0x03DB: College - Sim In College(Or Graduated)?
0x03DC: Lot - Is Dorm?
0x03DD: Lot - Is Frat?
0x03DE: Lot - Is Residential?
0x03DF: Soc&Rel: Set Appropriate Influence Level
0x03E0: Major - Get Major
0x03E1: Gender Preference - Sim X's Preference
0x03E2: NPC - Is NPC a Valid Visitor?
0x03E3: Social - Adj Advertising LECHER
0x03E4: Move Out - College
0x03E5: Soc&Rel: Adjust College Grade for STR
0x03E6: Soc&Rel: Adjust College Grade for LTR
0x03E7: Lot - Is College Lot?
0x03E8: College - Add to Frat (As Pledge)
0x03E9: College - Add to Frat (As Member)
0x03EA: College - Is NID a Frat Member?
0x03EB: College - Is NID a Frat Pledge?
0x03EC: College - Is NID in Secret Society?
0x03ED: Party - Is Sports Party Active?
0x03EE: Want Satisfy - Be Big Person on Campus
0x03EF: Want Satisfy - Have X Friends Trigger
0x03F0: College - Change Major
0x03F1: Memory - Big Man On Campus
0x03F2: Memory - Joined Greek House
0x03F3: Memory - Sim Goes to College
0x03F4: Want Satisfy - Join Greek House
0x03F5: College - Add to Secret Society
0x03F6: Lot - Is Secret Society?
0x03F7: Privacy - Shoo Sims - by Age
0x03F8: Privacy - Alone? - Age based
0x03F9: Want Satisfy - Go To College
0x03FA: Lecher - Is Sim Lecherous?
0x03FB: Family - Are We Blood Relatives? NIDs
0x03FC: Want Satisfy - Declare Major
0x03FD: Object - Is Danceable?
0x03FE: Neighborhood - Normal?
0x03FF: Neighborhood - Campus Town?
0x0400: Move In - College
0x0401: Move Out - To Greek
0x0402: Demo - EP1?
0x0403: Demo - EP1 - Allow?
0x0404: Expansion Pack - EP(param) Installed?
0x0405: College - Dorm Room - Is Sim X's?
0x0406: Want Satisfy - Pledge Frat
0x0407: Cleanup - Sims Interacting with Obj
0x0408: Young Adult - Wants/Mem History
0x0409: College - Current Year >= Param?
0x040A: Major - Get in Temp 0 - Major Obj ID
0x040B: Clothes - Special - Dress For Toga Party
0x040C: Clothes - Special - UnDress For Toga Party
0x040D: NPC - Special NPC - Ask to Leave?
0x040E: Social - Push Social - Max Priority - No Icon
0x040F: Influence - Set Appropriate Capacity Level on nID
0x0410: Cleanup - Object Attach To Sim
0x0411: Set Move Flags For Dorms (My)
0x0412: CT - Move In Cinematic - Prep
0x0413: CT - Move In Cinematic
0x0414: College Point Warning?
0x0415: Timer - Setup Wage Timer
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