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The Text and Binary PropertySet formats. Used much like Exemplars, propertysets store various propertyid's and values for them. The difference being mostly in the structure and in the fact that there are no multiple repeats like in exemplars.

The XML uses a format which doesnt include repetitions, and the binary is a slightly different form which has been dubbed CPF

Known Property Set Types:

0B9EB87E - Track Settings - Settings for SFX and Voice audio tracks

0C1FE246 - Mesh Overlay - Meshed objects attached to the body, such as sunglasses, beards

0C560F39 - Object Link - Objects in object collections

0C93E3DE - Face Modifier - Modifiable parts of the face

2C1FD8A1 - Texture Overlay - Face overlays, such as makeup, stubble, lipstick

2CB230B8 - Fences - Fence types, properties, and descriptions

4C158081 - Skin Tone - A skintone, its name, and whether it is choosable or not

4C697E5A - Model Material - Different material overlays for an object

4DCADB7E - Terrain Paint - Lot terrain textures

6C4F359D - Collection - Object collection details, such as their icons

6C93B566 - Face Neutral - Neutral unmodded base faces for an age and gender. Archetypes are based off these

6D619378 - Neighbourhood Object - Objects usable in Neighbourhood view

8C1580B5 - Hair Tone - A hairtone, its name and whether it's selectable or not

8C93BF6C - Face Region - Face areas that have effects, or for which overlays can be applied

8C93E35C - Face Archetype - Base Face models

AC598EAC - Current Sim Data - Current state of a sim, such as age, skin, hair, species

ACA8EA06 - Roof - Roof texture options, as opposed to the Roof style itself

CCA8E925 - Wall/Floor - Wall and floor styles, including descriptions and properties

EBCF3E27 - Skin - Applyable skins including skintones, hair, clothing, and hats

EBFEE33F - DNA/Sound Mapping - Sim DNA, or maps properties of a sound to an ingame event

EBFEE342 - Game Package Version - What version of the exe this package was made with

EBFEE345 - Audio Test - Test file for the audio content handling subsystem

ED7D7B4D - Want - An individual want or fear used by the games' want simulator and want trees

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