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====Problems Installing the Sims 2 Patch====

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The Sims 2 patch is available. It can be downloaded from:

If you have problems installing the Sims 2 Patch, please try the following steps:

  • If you have used the bm.exe no-censor patch, or any other exe modifying censor patch, this will cause problems. You need to remove this patch first. To do this, go to the location of the Sims 2 exe and you should find a Sims2.bak file. If so, remove the Sims2 exe, rename the .bak over the .exe and try the patch again. If you modified the Sims2 .exe manually or do not have a .bak file you will have to reinstall.

2) The following hacks are known to work with the patch: (Thanks to nightspore & ilikefishfood) Inge's lockable doors Pescado's hacks the default nude skin replacements Carrigon's hacked PC the abduction pie hack KE-InSIMenator liugnostaylate ME_Aspiration Painting ME_Energizer Painting moveinall nocheeringhack phonehack Power_Expresso-SimCutie (latest version) Duddly's nude defaults still-life (the latest version) Inge's teleporter (the painting and the shrub) Voodoobotttle weedhack PatchesSim2's no abduction telescope (and any similar patches) WHooHooteens_4 Wintermuteai's Myshunocubes (the regular & no join versions) zclothing 3) If you have modified the graphic rules for the maxNumVisitingSims hack, this will abort the patch install. See 4) If nothing above works, try backing up and moving the contents of your downloads folder. If the game loads after this, you may have a bad hack somewhere. Try moving the files back in in batches to try and narrow down which files dont work. 5) The rules about CloneCD/Alcohol etc still apply - if the patch can't find the CD/DVD make sure these aren't running.

Remember, if nothing works, then you have something seriously wrong with the game and you WILL need to reinstall. Don't go bitching to Maxis or EA - just reinstall, apply the patch and enjoy the game :)

More detailed support can be gotten from: but questions asked there that are already in this FAQ will be deleted.

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