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A Mini Mercurial Desire

This is an adventure your sims can do in China.

Adventure Details

In-Game Description

"Excellent! I believe the emperor would just squeal at the sight of this collection. Now I require (#) piees of raw Mercury for use in the First Emperor's royal thermometer. I shall pay some Simoleons and some Ancient Coins for the work."


The sim you return the ores to (and thus their location) may vary. The ores you are expected to find can be located in various locations around Shang Simla.


Easy. Just check the map tags.


The reward for this adventure is:

  • 15 Visa Points
  • 461 Simoleons (may vary based on the value of the Mercury delivered)
  • 10 Ancient Coins

Adventure Chain


1. Collect Mercury: Bring up map view (press M). You can locate where the ores are by looking at the map tags.
  • Note 1: If you do not see any map tags for the ore, or not enough to complete the quest, just wait a while. It can take some time for ores to spawn, especially if it's a fresh copy of China.
  • Note 2: The map tags do not disappear once you have collected all the pieces of the ores. You can continue collecting ores forever this way, as long as you don't complete the adventure.
  • Note 3: If you already have the needed ores in your inventory, you can just deliver the ones you have - no need to collect more (unless you want to).

2. Deliver Mercury: Return to the quest giver to give them the ores and to recieve your reward.

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